Someone just received a letter…….this wasn’t the plan……#propheticword

By | February 2, 2023
Someone just received a letter…….this wasn’t the plan……#propheticword

Hallelujah glory to God welcome to Papa San Marita Bliss with Pastor honoree Thank you for subscribing to this Channel thank you for being a part of This family and if this is your first Time thank you for clicking on my video Thank you so much God bless you please Do subscribe and do not forget to click That notification Bell so that every Time a new content is uploaded every Time we are live you will be notified I know the Holy Spirit Led you to this Channel and I can't guarantee you one Thing this channel will bless you Amazingly your life will never be the Same I have a prophetic word for someone God says Your kingdom spouse just received some Shocking years this was not the plan Your kingdom spouse just received some Shockingness this was not the plan I see You guys having a mixed feeling About the news this world is coming to Someone you just Got into a relationship one and all you Were you have been in a relationship for A while and you were trusting God you Guys were planning for the next level or You just got married and you guys were Planning for your life together And I see Your kingdom spouse going to work And receiving a letter But it's not a suck letter

Is a letter of transfer They are being transferred Another state they are being transferred To another Province to another region to Another town to another city And this was not the plan that you guys Had This changes so many things You never planned for this you never Expected this But this is what is happening right now And you just don't know what to do You just don't know what to do When this news hit you you are just not Going to know what to do And you are going to be confused because They they they they Transfer comes with an upgrade in their Position so technically it's a promotion But then it's risky also on your Union On your relationship on your marriage Because You also have your own job that in that Place you have your own life in that Place and you were not planning to more God says I should tell you The transfer is the will of God God says You are next level Is going to be choked to death if you Stay in this location God says he wants To take you to a new place where you Start your new beginning he wants to Take you to a new plan where you start Your new beginning without all the

Enemies that have been disturbing you Here without all the haters that have Been after your life here God says there Are way too many people that are against You against your marriage against your Kingdom spouse against your union in This place that he wants to take you out Of here to uplift you he wants to take You out of here to promote you God says Is indeed a promotion and it is a Divine Setup Do not be afraid do not be confused do Not be troubled Embrace it and receive it with gladness Hallelujah I hope this world reaches the right Person at the right time God bless you Shalom