39 Y/O Amber Rose MOCKED For Saying She’s Done With Dating

By | February 3, 2023
39 Y/O Amber Rose MOCKED For Saying She’s Done With Dating

Foreign Hey guys it's your girl DeDe and welcome And welcome back to the channel thank Y'all so much for tuning in once again So I am back with another reaction video Now this comes from Amber Rose now you Guys Amber Rose is 39 years old and She's basically saying that she's done With dating are you surprised so um She's basically speaking out and saying That she's done with dating uh she's Tired of men you know she's she's just She's no longer interested and so I Thought it was I thought that was very Interesting but but not shocking at the Same time because this is pretty much What happens when you you know get to a Certain age and when your dating life Has not been successful or you you know You seem to not be able to stay in a Relationship I mean that's the next Obvious thing to happen that women start To say Oh either they they're choosing To be single or you know they just don't Want to deal with men you know you hear A lot of women saying that they would Prefer to be you know to deal with women And and they just don't want to deal With men and typically that happens when They've so to speak hit that wall we Know what that is you get to a certain Age and you're you're not married or you Can't keep a marriage you can't keep a Man and you're just bouncing from

Relationship to relationship to Relationship you tend to hear women Start to say oh they're done with men They don't want to deal with men so According to Yahoo she's basically Saying that she wants to be single for The rest of her life and this comes After her ex-boyfriend is dating Cher Now I don't know about y'all Cher looks Pretty good I don't know how old Sheriff's got to be in her 60s to lose Your man to a woman who's way older like That that's got to be I don't know I'm Just saying you got to feel some type of Way about that I mean it's not even it's Not a and that's not Sharon looks great There's nothing wrong with Cher she Looks great but I mean come on you That's got to be a blow to Your Ego as a Woman like oh my God you know you got to Look at yourself and start to evaluate Yourself and wonder hey what's wrong With you to where your man leaves you And goes to a woman who's much older and And seems to be content Now I don't know how long their Relationship is going to last or Whatever but I mean just the idea you Know what I'm saying so listen so Basically Amber Rose is saying she's Perfectly happy being all by herself uh For the foreseeable future uh she made An appearance on the Sofia with f Podcast this week during which she spoke

Openly with uh host Sophia Franklin About her past relationships with stars Like Kanye West 21 Savage and her Ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and discuss why She's been thinking differently about Long-term Partnerships these days she Says it's worse than ever uh she says They're pretty disgusting out here she Said they're effing gross like I want to Be single for the rest of my life this Is what Amber Rose is saying she says I Don't want to share my house or my life With anyone I don't want anyone around My kids she says I don't want to have Sex it's so gross I don't want it However she also added that she would be Open to the idea of being a lesbian see That's that's what a lot of women I mean This is not new that's what this is what A lot of women tend to do so she's open To the idea of being a lesbian but it's Also perfectly fine being by herself she Says I'm very happy to not be in my bed With anyone that's what she's saying That's where she's at right now the Article goes on to say the mask off Music video stars Newfound love of being Single comes from a few months after her Ex-boyfriend Alexander A.E Edwards began Dating Cher Rose and Edwards dated for Three years and share a three-year-old Son named slash but decided to go their Separate ways in the summer of 2021 After she called him cheating on her

With several different women the music Producer later admitted to being Unfaithful in an interview with Entertainment Tonight saying he got Caught and Rose she had just had enough Obviously Cher who is 40 years Edward Senior first went public with their Relationship in early November as the Pair held hands while entering the West Hollywood celebrity hangout Craigs to Meet up for dinner with rapper Tyga ever Since then Cher has keep Praise on her New boyfriend and saying doing an Interview on The Kelly Clarkson show on Paper it's kind of ridiculous but in Real life we get along great she also Added that she's never been one to give Men compliments they don't deserve but When it comes to Edwards she can't help But gush about how fabulous very kind Very smart very talented and really Funny he is plus she said I think he's Quite handsome uh Cher went on to Explain if I hadn't met younger men in My life I would never had a date because Older men just didn't like me all that Much do you know what I mean and she Said I have had a couple of boyfriends That were hovering around my age but They just didn't like me for some reason Maybe younger men don't care if you're Funny or outrageous and want to do Stupid things and you have a strong Personality I'm not giving up my

Personality for anyone okay so that Share just basically talking about their Relationship child but back to Amber Rose so Amber Rose you know basically Has hit the wall she's done with men Because she hasn't been very successful With them it's typical of women to start To say that and say that everything is Gross men are so gross and relationships Are so horrible because yours didn't Work out out now I guarantee you if she Had been in a marriage that actually Worked out in there and it happened she Would talk about how happy she is and How grateful she is and how you know her Family is intact usually you hate the Things that you can't have you start to Despise the things that you can't have Or the things that don't that no longer Work for you you know it doesn't mean That every man out here is horrible and Every relationship is bad and everybody Is just you know hateful and everything Is so horrible no but people tend to Criticize the things that that didn't Work for them and I think that that's Okay for your own specific situation but The problem I have with that is when Women start to blame everybody to hold Hold the whole society of men for the Issues that you went through and for the Men that you chose to deal with but for The men who are not good in your life That that's not a representation of all

Men in all relationships don't try to Bring everybody down because yours did Because you were not successful that's The only issue I have in a lot of these Cases women don't typically say oh you Know what the men that I've had Relationships with were horrible and I Chose those the same type of guy over And over and over thinking that I was Going to get a different result and they All seem to be the same these are the Men that I chose to get into Relationships with and it did not work For me but it you rarely hear women Specify that all they tend to do is Start to bash all men all men are this All men ain't that all men ain't itch All men are this they all think alike And that's just not the case Don't spread your bad experiences across The world and put it on all men when all You haven't dated all men you haven't Been in relationships oh man you hear Women often admit that they pick the Same type of dudes because that's their Preference and they have to get away From that preference because that's what They like but that preference is not Working for you so if you choose a Certain type and you keep getting the Same outcome don't put that on all men Because that's not all men just say the Preference your preface the ones you Dealt with because that's not every man

It's unfair to put all men in that same Category when you have not given all men A chance so we really have to start Being honest with ourselves and accept The fact that you made some bad choices You made some bad decisions now you have To suffer the consequences of those Decisions that's the same way with women Who allow themselves to be in Relationships that were not good for Them you didn't care about family Structure and all of that until you get Until you got older played around in Your younger years and didn't think that It was important to to prioritize a good Man but then once you went out and made All the mistakes and made the bad Decisions and now you got babies and You're not married and you're out here By yourself now it's all gross it's all Bad it's just it's all tumultuous and You don't want to deal with it no you've Had your chances you made the wrong Decisions and now you got to live with It that's life if we can just start to Accept the fact that we choose wrong we Make bad decisions and accept those and Move on and try not to do it again we Would all be in a better situation so Listen I'm gonna leave it here y'all let Me know what y'all think about Amber Rose's statements I want to know your Thoughts in the comments below comment Like subscribe y'all know what it is hit

That notification Bell to be notified When I upload new videos and I will Catch you guys in the next one bye Thank you