Single Women Are Raising EMOTIONAL Men

By | February 3, 2023
Single Women Are Raising EMOTIONAL Men

Foreign Hey guys it's your girl DD and welcome And welcome back to the channel I hope You guys are doing well thank you so Much for tuning in once again so I am Back with another reaction video you Guys see the title um I want you guys to Chime in in the comments I definitely Want to hear your thoughts on this and What you think about what she had to say What she had to say in this video so I'm Not going to talk too much make sure you Comment like And subscribe to the Channel if you haven't already hit that Notification Bell to be notified when I Upload new videos but let's go ahead and Get right into the video here we go it Is a state of an emergency foreign Black men are their girlfriends and Their wives They have been raised by single black Women they have adopted these black Women emotions They don't know how to control their Emotions so what they do is when they Find out that they can't control that Woman that they're with they are they Don't care about her having children They don't care about her being pregnant They don't care about none of that and It is an emergency it is not being Talked about enough there is no outcry There is nothing and no one is really Speaking on this I really want to hear

From black men because we have to Recognize we got weak emotional Sons Running around the streets now listen What do you guys think about what she Had to say I definitely want to hear Your thoughts in the comments below Please chime in the thing about it I Think black men are speaking on it Nobody wants to hear what they have to Say they're bashed and told that they Don't know what they're talking about When they speak out all these issues you Know because we have so many women who Are saying hey you know I want a child I Don't want to get married I don't care About family family but I want to bring A child into this world and raise my Child by myself and I always say okay Fine you're free to do whatever you Choose to do but there are consequences In the choices that you make and and While we have a bunch of women who Refuse to even accept the idea that Possibly these single mothers aren't Equipped to raise these Sons when you Say that you get a lot of pushback from Mostly women Because women don't want to Fathom the Idea that they raise these young men but They don't want to take any Accountability or responsibility for the Outcome of these young men and it's not To say that every man that goes out here Black white it doesn't matter the race

But it's not to say that every man That's out here committing crimes and Doing these types of things is the Result of them having a single mother But we can't ignore the fact that it Does play a part if women are raising Men and they're raising them to be like Them emotional you know what I'm saying And acting this way they're learning From their mothers and we can't ignore The fact that that is a direct result of Not having fathers in their lives So while we get a lot of pushback and Stating this and men say this all the Time but they get pushed back and women Are defensive and angry and mad and Saying these men are just bitter and all Of these things but you've got to Understand that when you remove the Fathers from the household that this Could be a result of that we can't think That you can go out and just make any Decisions that you want and not Understand that they're going to be Consequences from those decisions and Choices every choice you make has an Outcome And unfortunately the outcome of this Widespread epidemic of single mothers Has caused a lot of these with these men To be more emotional than they need to Be uh you even have women out here Saying hey the men now of now days are Different why because the majority of

Them were raised by single mothers you Can't ignore that They're more emotional they make some More feminine they act a certain way They're not as masculine as the men uh Back in the day and you hear women Literally saying this but when it comes To the accountability part of it oh they Want to act like oh that's not the Problem but it definitely has a lot to Do with it in my opinion I don't think That a woman can properly raise a son That's just me I think I think Sons need their fathers Just like they need their mothers as Well they need their fathers to teach Them how to be a man and to give them The tools that they need to be a man I'm Not a man so I don't know what it's like On a day-to-day to be a man only a man Would know that and yes some can argue That hey you know all for no we know all All fathers aren't good Fathers just Like all mothers women who who have Children are not necessarily good Mothers when I'm talking about this it's Not that this is a hundred percent of The time or 100 the case but it's the Lot and the numbers are rising men Shouldn't handle things the way that a Woman would handle it we talked about Back in the day when men would fight it Out if you had a disagreement they would Fight it out in the streets May the best

Man win and whoever won one and they Shake hands and they move on because That's the way they were taught they Were taught to be men and handle things A certain way but in these modern times You know they want to ignore that part Of it they want to point out the problem You want to point out the issues but you Don't want to really acknowledge what is Contributing to the to the problem and I Wouldn't say hey that's the only issue Oh that is single mothers but that's a Big part of it we have to acknowledge That that is a part of it and you have Women who are throwing their hands up Saying hey they don't know what to do When their sons get to become teenagers And they start acting out these women Don't know how to handle that and these Young men become teenagers and then they Become young adults and then they don't Know how to deal with their issues Because they're doing they looking at a Mother and not a a father who's there to Show them how to be a man and teach them What they need how they need to be and How they need to act react in certain Situations you see too many young men Are very emotional they don't know how To deal with issues so they just act out And spazz out like a woman would do it Is a direct result of them being raised By a woman we can't not dispute that we Can't dispute it because if we continue

This cycle of single motherhood then We're gonna have we're going to raise a Whole generation of men with that type Of mentality you need a little bit of Both but if all you have is emotional From your mother and nothing else what Do you expect from these young men when They grow up they're going to be very Emotional and they're going to do things In a way and respond and react the way Their mothers would I mean it is what it Is it's not the first time seeing this And so while I wouldn't say oh we can Fully blame it on a grown person's Actions when they're out here committing Crimes and things like that but you have To consider that that has something to Play in that you have to look at how a Person was raised how they were taught To respond how they were taught to deal With issues all of that matters that's What that's the whole point of raising a Child and that's why it's so important To have the mother and father because They get a balance of how you deal with Life and how you move in life you get a Balance you get the male perspective you Get the the female perspective you get a Bit of both that helps to balance that Child so you don't raise a child who's Just overly emotional and don't know how To deal with his or her feelings and it Just jump out here and react which we See a lot of women do that so listen we

Can argue that oh that's not the reason Why these men are out here committing Crimes okay I give you that but we gotta At least accept the fact that a part of That is part of the reason or it Wouldn't I mean it wouldn't we wouldn't Be in a situation where a higher Percentage of men are incarcerated uh The majority of them are raised by Single mothers so we got to accept that There is some relevance to this because Why else would they point out that the Majority of men in prison are from Single mother households Okay so listen y'all let me know what Y'all think in the comments comment like Subscribe hit that notification Bell I Definitely want to hear what your Thoughts on this let me know what you Think and I will see you guys in the Next one bye